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It is not a word to be used by respectful people. If you say that word and/or have ever said it, I refuse to take anything you say seriously. End of story.

A person at my workplace commonly uses the word “Faggot” to refer to gay people, even when talking to me, even knowing that I am also gay. Of course I’m female and he’s only using it to refer to gay males, but I don’t think he’s taking into consideration that I have things in common with the group of people he’s insulting.

I overheard him telling another coworker that he has a huge problem with people saying the word “Nigger” even when they’re not referring to him directly, so I think he’s being incredibly closed-minded to use words in a similar way to insult a group of people. 

But the thing is, language is language… people are going to say what feels natural for them, and if someone is used to saying something - even if it is something you may believe to be offensive - we can’t expect people to change their colloquialisms instantly. Instead of just brushing off the person as ignorant and not taking them seriously, why not call them out on it? Ask them why they choose the particular word they use or why they feel a certain way. Many people might not even know they’re doing something wrong.

Well I use that word but in a…….. How can I say this ? I don’t mean it in an really offensive way since I don’t really believe in this kind of pejorative words such as this one and like… Gay or something. And I’m not going to use it when directly speaking to someone either unless I know they don’t mind. And if you really wanna know, to me faggot is a synonym for effeminate, and I like feminine men, THEREFORE if I use faggot to talk about someone, comming from me, it usually is a compliment. And if it’s not, well I use “in a bad kind of way” after it.

Also, this probably is an unpopular opinion too, but you know when people say “that’s so gay” to say that something sucks… Well… I really don’t see what’s offensive in that. I mean it’s just a misuse of the word gay. Gay means like joyful/happy/merry or something, you see. 

I also think people make a fuss about basically anything, it’s annoying and it’s getting ridiculous, I mean… it’s just words ?

i use the french version of it but not to insult gay people. for me, a faggot is someone who dont have balls to do something or is affraid of anything. i call myself faggot in some occasions and my dogs are real faggots about every loud noises. my son is a faggot when it comes to monsters or stuff like that in movies and my boyfriend is also a faggot sometimes. i think its a word that can be apply to many things and i really dont think about gay people when i use it. you know, even gay people are faggots sometimes :)

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    I do not agree. Allowing this word to be used exclusively for hate is what gives it it’s power. If you want it to loose...
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    i use the french version of it but not to insult gay people. for me, a faggot is someone who dont have balls to do...
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    I’m sorry man, I just can’t help it. Gosh I thought you people would understand.
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    sassy stop being such a faggot
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    when I call people faggot it means that i love them more than anything
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