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Percy is gone…he was too sick, we couldnt do anything more for him. so we decided to let him go. he died quietly in our arms and he will lay in the forest behind our house. i just dig his grave few minutes ago and couldnt stop crying. i’ve never done anything harder than that in my whole life. i tought my ife had been hard but it was before this part of the history. he was only 2 yo, but he was haemophile ans since the last 3 days, he wouldnt eat, drink or play anymore. he had a big breakdown last summer too and we tried to put on meds and he went back good. but we learned today that it would be like that for his whole life so….i’m so fucking pissed at life right now…WHY? why did he had to be sick? why him? we have 2 other dogs and we love them too but this one was our baby, he was 2 months when we got him. the 2 others were rescued from shelter so the love we have for them is not the same.

it will take me a long, long, long time to get over this. i know for some people its only a dog, but it was MY dog, and i loved him so much„„

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  1. retromantique said: I’m sorry for your loss, Marie :( *hug*
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